Home Coffee Roasting – Romance and Revival by Kenneth Davids – My Book Review

Kenneth Davids writes an outstanding book about home coffee roasting. It was published in 2003.Around 235 pages with great photos and diagrams cover the history of coffee roasting. He covers the machines that were in use and the ones that are in use today.

He goes in to the basic techniques of roasting coffee at home. He explains the different types from air roasting (known as convection), and conductivity (in skillet), and other methods. He even covers the basics of roasting in the oven.

The different styles of fancy home coffee roasters are covered and how they are the same and how they differ. He explains how to use each of them and how to keep track of the type of the green coffee beans that are used and keeping track of the time and temperatures that can make the difference in the roast.

His section of what to roast covers where the different green coffee beans come from how they can differ in flavor because of the soil, nutrients, etc. He covers the stages of the processing of the coffee beans. He covers the colors and the names given to each of the stages of the roast form light to dark.

On page 68, there is a real handy chart that covers all of the stages and describes in detail what the bean will look like. It even covers the approximate bean temperature at each level and gives the common name. It is very handy chart to have around.

For the beginning coffee roaster or the advanced, this book would be handy item to have in shelf as a reference to home coffee roasting.