Make Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds Candy Today

To many families, chocolate covered sunflower seeds are nothing new. Despite that, this activity never ceases to excite people. Families repeat it every year during valentines, Christmas and other holidays and never want to stop. Do you know why? This is one of the funniest and simplest cookery tasks for everyone. Even children can learn how to do it under your observation for safety purposes. It is in fact another way to revisit your arty side. You can cover any edible fruits, nuts and beans with chocolate if you want.

If you are doing it for the first time, it is good to take time to research. Many different types of candies that you could make at home are available. All you require are recipes for offering enough directions and guidance. Try searching this information on the Internet. Now that the holidays are near, both Halloween and Christmas, numerous people are sharing cookery tips. Before you embark on doing further research, read the following hints.

To have maximum fun, you should try a seed coating art that is not only rare, but also challenging. Do you have clue? If not, now you should try covering tiny sunflower seeds with any type of your favorite chocolates. Well, you might think this is going to be an easy task, but as you start it, you will have a good challenge. Sunflower chocolate covered sunflower seeds candy is lovely as well as nutritious. Its brand name is usually dragee.

As small as sunflower seeds may look, they have high composition of vitamins, folate, minerals, fiber and proteins. If you cannot eat the seeds as they are, because you hate their taste or have never tried eating them before, try to coat them with some chocolate. You will love them a lot! What you must do right now is searching for a related recipe. There are a few companies selling this one of a kind candy across the country. By searching the web properly, you will find out if they have also shared the recipes they use to cover these seed candies.

Covered seeds look like small ball chewing gum sweets that you normally buy for kids. Note that they can feature any shape and color. You can easily find round, oval or square shaped chocolate-coated sunflower seeds. Colors are many as well and they include blue, green, blue, purple, yellow, and red among others. In other words, if you do not want to try this recipe at home, then you could buy ready-made products. Are you waiting to attend a kid’s birthday party soon? If yes, he or she would appreciate a nice packet of these natural candies.

Since there are many candies in a packet, he or she can also share with friends and other family children. Freely, you can choose between thin and thick chocolate-coated candies. They are so many on the Internet today. Try comparing all the brands available before buying any chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Besides, you need to compare the prices too and read the available customer reviews. Visit a web store that can give you reviews and products such as Amazon.

Critical Review for the Book Titled "Zaika-Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine"

I was searching for some good books on Kashmir cuisine. At this time, I came across the book on Kashmiri Hindu Cuisine titled “Zaika-Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine”. I wanted to purchase the book online. However, it was a futile attempt for me. The name of the author for this book is Sonya Atal Sapru. Somehow I got her contact information and placed a call to her. I told her about my interests in Kashmiri Cuisine and my attempts to get a hold of her book. In a very polite manner, she added on to me that she has one copy of the book and she may like to gift it to me. Nothing could prevent me now other than reaching to her place, meeting her and get the copy of the book. Finally she gifted me the book with her blessings. It took me nearly five years to write the review of her book (I was lazy enough). I read it six times till date.

The book is not very thick one. The total number of pages is 70. It was published in the year of 1999. it was published by harper Collins, India. The ISBN is 81-7223-341-8. The cost of the book is Rs.195. The cover page is a photograph with two frames combined together-one with the photograph of Kashmiri Puloa and fennel seeds and second one is the photograph of a typical Kashmiri Pandit lady wearing a saree with full blouse, typical Kashmiri Jewellery with the characteristic long chained jhumkas and handmade fan in her hands. The back side of the book is the awesome photograph of the author with her child in her lap. The author claims the authenticity of the genuineness of the recipes shared in the book. She thanked her mother-in-law -Smt.Gita Sapru- for her help and guidance.

The book has been divided into six sections and they are the following:

a. How to plan a Kashmiri Meal (original contribution)? There are in total four ways in which the menu can be set for the day.

b. Kashmiri Garam masala (separately discussed in the entire book)

c. 16 Non-vegetarian recipes

d. 12 Vegetarian recipes

e. 5 Dals and 4 Rice dishes

f. 2 Chutneys,2 Raitas and 4 Desserts

The excellent points in the book are:

1. There is good number of rare and unique family photographs exhibited in the book. These are old and black-white in color showing the period during which they were clicked and shared with not only the future family members; however, with each and every reader of the book. They are rich in showcasing the culture of the Kashmiri Pandit families. The author states “portrait of an ancestor and found in an old chest of photographs”.

2. The author has taken time to mention total number of servings, preparation time and cooking time for each and every recipe in the book.

3. She has explained every recipe in simple English language.

4. The manner in which she acknowledges to her family members for their contribution towards the publishing of the book.

5. The best recipes are: mutton cooked in milk with green almonds, liver cooked in sour curd (khatti kaleji), meat cooked in plums (stuffed passande dum), mutton cooked in coriander powder (dhania ka shufta), jackfruit kababs (kathal kababs), fried pieces of lotus stem (nadru ki kurkuri), colacassia cooked in curds (khatti arvi), sour lentils (khatti arhar dal), mixed vegetable biryani (sarvari), baria, kishmish raita, and meethe chawal.

The weak points of the book are:

1. Very few recipes have been shared and presented in the book.

2. Festive recipes are missing in the book.

On the whole, the book is small and with few pages. It exhibits the recipes and their contributors. The book is a mixture of recipes and culture of Kashmiri Pandits shown via the rich and detailed photographs from the author’s family.

Cook Books – Guide For a Perfect Cooking Experience

A cook book necessarily relates to a particular kind of book which contains information regarding to recipes, ingredients to be used and also some tips and advice about the basics of cooking.A recipe book is often called as the Bible of the Cooks which helps them in keeping a proper direction during the food preparation.Cookery books for most of us will mean that we will become a decent cook and it will help us in increasing our culinary knowledge and skills.

The books related to culinary art have a rich historical background and have been written from times immemorial.They have differed from one region to another depending on the eating habits and cooking styles of that area.The earliest collection of recipes that has been found in Europe is De re coquinaria, which was written in Latin.There was an even earlier version of cookery book which was compiled in the 1st century.But all these historic books were more of a compilation of favorite recipes of the author or a training manual for the chefs who were trained to cook for banquets and elite households.They did not include the food and cuisines popular among the peasants and the common mass.The earliest cookbooks known in Arabic are those of al-Warraq (10th century) and al-Baghdadi (13th century).

But the modern culinary guides are more of a reference material and are widely used in almost all the kitchens.These came into existence in the later centuries.These books not only provided information about the recipes but also encompassed other relevant overall instruction for both kitchen technique and household management.Such books were written primarily for housewives and occasionally domestic servants as opposed to professional cooks.

These days, cookery books are far more than just a simple reference book for the kitchen.There are several types of recipe guides available that offer in-depth, step-by-step recipes aimed at the beginner and also those of us who require simple instructions to progress from one level to another one.

There are many types of cookery books which are available online as well as in the open market.The celebrity chefs have also given a major boost to this venture as most of the recipes that they have shown on their shows have been converted into books.There are many celebrity chefs like Nigella Lawson, Julia Child, Emeril Lagasse, Jeff Smith, Madhur Jaffrey who have come out with a variety of cook books, each specializing in their own style of cooking.

Regional and ethnic setting also plays an important in a book related to cooking.The recipes and cuisines vary from one region to another and accordingly the ingredients and the procedure of cooking also changes.International Cookbooks focus on the recipes and cuisines of various countries and regions.

Some of the books focus on a single subject like the ingredients, cooking technique or a particular type of dish.Single subject cookbooks are highly focused and have the maximum amount of information regarding a particular subject.

Some of the recipe books focus on the Quick Meal Ideas and have a compilation of such recipes which can be prepared in a short time with the use of minimum ingredients.

Apart from this, a variety of culinary art material is available that focuses on the dietary specifications and is more used by people who have dietary restrictions and also by people who believe in eating healthy.Some of these books are mainly focused for the vegetarian readers and users and give information about different types of vegetarian dishes and their preparation techniques.

Some of the major cooking guides which are in demand in the market could be as follows:

The Pleasures of Cooking for One, by Judith Jones

Asian Dumplings: Mastering Gyoza, Spring Rolls, Samosas, and More, by Andrea Nguyen

Gourmet Today: More than 1000 All-New Recipes for the Contemporary Kitchen, by Ruth Reichl

Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking, by Eileen Yin-Fei Lo,

The New Basics Cookbook by Sheila Lukins

Mario Batali Simple Italian Food: Recipes from My Two Villages by Mario Batali

Flavor by Rocco DiSpirito

Thai Food by David Thompson

The Good Cook Book Series – 27 books by Time-Life Books